I would like to thank the staff of the Baltic-American Clinic for their excellent work. I have already been vaccinated twice since Covid-19. All the work is so tense that there is no doubt about the best quality of the services provided – from calls, information to service. This is the best medical clinic in Vilnius.
Thank you and good luck to your great team.


Due to the severely deteriorating condition of the facial skin, I had to visit this clinic on Sunday. The visit was costly, but blood tests were performed, an accurate diagnosis was made, and treatment was prescribed. The doctor Dagmara Kazlauskienė, who consulted me, turned out to be an excellent, extremely responsible doctor who listens and consults in detail. A few days later, the diagnosis made by her was confirmed by dr. GSLapinskaitė. Although I did not visit the Baltic-American clinic anymore, doctor D. Kazlauskienė continued to take an interest in my health condition and issued an electronic prescription. I wish the doctor good luck!

Ramune P.

It is said that the greatest human asset is health. I am grateful to Arūnas Grinkevičius, a vascular surgeon at the Baltic-American Therapy and Surgery Clinic, and Brigita, a nurse, who helped maintain my health. Thank you for your professionalism, sincere care, goodwill and understanding. I wish that in your daily work you will always have success, never lack patience, compassion, and that your professionalism and efforts to protect the health of patients will be properly appreciated and appreciated.

Vilhelmina Zenevič, Vilnius

I would like to sincerely thank Rita Seniūnaitė, a family doctor, and Arida Buivydienė, a gastroenterologist, not only as a professional physician looking for the most optimal treatment solutions, but also as a capitalist who pays endless attention to her professionalism, tenderness, sincerity and endless illness. I can’t find the exclusive words of thanks that my heart would want to dictate to you, so I say a sincere THANK YOU and all that can fit in this meaningful word. Good luck to you and thank you for being. Be happy because you deserve it.