Founded in 1993, the Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic is not only the first, but also one of the leading private clinics in Lithuania. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by pine trees, you will find a state-of-the-art medical service and a peaceful shelter for your health.

Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic is one of the leading private hospitals in Lithuania, established to attend the human needs and promote an environment in which quick access to supreme Health Care is achieved.

Our mission is to promote and preserve your good health.  We understand that wellness is achieved through a combination of expert medical care and attentive disease prevention.  Therefore, we are committed to responding promptly to your medical concerns while also emphasizing preventive care through health screenings, education and counselling. We pledge to be a true partner for your good health.

Using effective staff coordination, and especially our professional team of Family Care Practitioners we ensure to provide you and your family with complete continuity of care for individual illnesses as well as your overall health.  It is all part of our dedication to providing comprehensive services that are customized to every patient’s needs.

Our successful clinic offers a wide range of surgery, therapy and rehabilitation services, outpatient care and inpatient treatment.

The qualified staff of our clinic works according to the most advanced methodologies. Our doctors are leaders in their field, excellent specialists, constantly improving and able to apply the most advanced medical technologies.

Each one of us at the Baltic American Clinic is devoted to satisfying the needs and expectations of every patient by:

Deeply caring, understanding and meeting each patient’s unique needs and expectations.
Responding to each patient with clear information, personal attention and respect.
Allowing patients to make their own decisions about their treatment and care.
Nurturing and enduring relationship with each patient and their family that begins prior to their hospital experience and continues after they return home.

Be healthy and happy!